Live in This City

3 09 2012


A lot has happened since I last updated about wanting a pet!

Most of you probably already know that I actually adopted two puppies from a refuge in Madawaska County in Edmundston! Their names are Iza and Jake, they’re German Shepherd puppies and are brother and sister. I love them.

I’ve had a lot of people say things like, “Two dogs! That’s a lot of work!” or even “Why did you get two!?”. Well my friends, I work at least 8 hours a day, Monday-Friday, and so I didn’t really want to leave a puppy home alone for that long; I’ve wanted to have two dogs for the LONGEST time; and they’re brother and sister! They were just begging to be adopted together. All things considered together, how could I NOT adopt two? On top of that, the amount of work it takes to train two puppies is definitely not twice as much as one. I would hardly even call it much harder than one puppy. You have to do the exact same things for each dog… you feed them at the same time, you take them outside to use the bathroom at the same time, you pick up their poops the same way (so what if there are two rather than one? What’s that take.. an extra 15 seconds?). The ONE thing I can imagine would count as “more work” is trying to discipline them both when they do something wrong. I.e. if Iza’s chewing on something she’s not supposed to, she gets scolded; then if Jake decides to chew something else, he gets scolded. So yes.. maybe there is ‘more training’ to do, BUT do not overlook the fact that they see the other one being scolded and so typically when one gets scolded for something, the other one learns from it too. They’re also best friends and love to play with each other and it’s adorable. WEOO Puppies!

In other news, I moved into a new house! I wanted out of the apartment I was in because it was way too loud and didn’t have a yard for the dogs. It was fine when they were small and young, but big dogs can’t stay in an apartment like that. They needed room to run around, not to mention me not wanting to clean up their poop and pee so frequently from off of the balcony. The apartment was loud because it was downtown, right beside a Greco Pizza, so we heard their bomb cars coming and going at all hours of the night to do their deliveries, as well as the transfer trucks coming in the wee hours of the morning to deliver the stock for them. PLUS the dumpster sized garbage trucks that would come to empty the garbages, and they’re LOUD. Jeff and I literally slept with ear plugs in. So the new house takes care of that problem! It’s further away from work, but it’s not loud anymore, it’s in a nice neighbourhood with lots of green things versus pavement.

A guy I graduated with also works at the mill with me and he’s moved into the house too so now I have a roommate and someone to talk to, so the whole…

Home alone, trying to find something to do

has been slightly improved! We still sort of do our own things, since he likes sports and gambling and I’m not particularly adept at either… but it’s still great to have a friend around.

We’re both actually going back to Fredericton this weekend! I’m driving the two of us and the dogs there Friday afternoon. Pumped for the split in gas cost! Win-win situations are the best.
He’s going to visit friends and… I think there’s something else he was planning on doing.. now I feel like a bad friend for not remembering.
I’m also going to visit friends, but the frosh week concert is that weekend too and it’s DRAGONETTE! I’m so fucking excited.

Martina of Dragonette

My wonderful friend Natalie said we (me and the dogs) can stay with her which is nice since another friend had planned on letting me stay but his landlord vetoed it because of the dogs.. blurg.

OH WELL! Everything’s working out nicely and life is hanging out on the positive side of the spectrum 🙂
If only I got to see Jeff a little more often, then life would be pretty close to perfect. (He left Saturday morning for school to take his second degree).

I hope the update left you all feeling a little more filled in on my life and a little more intrigued in the idea of having two dogs around hahhaha
Thanks for reading!

Did anyone else notice the double whammy title to this post!? Talking about moving and living in Edmundston AND it’s a Dragonette song? I’m so clever. You don’t have to tell me.


Live it Out

23 07 2012

I’ve decided to put myself on a tight schedule again.

For too long I’ve fallen into the wonderful laziness that came from finishing my final year at school as pretty much a part time student, and now working leaves me my evenings and weekends open.  Unfortunately for me I’ve been making poor choices about what to do with that time.

I’m going to start actually forcing myself to get up out of bed in the mornings.  Earlier for work, and not late into the morning on the weekends regardless of how tired I am.  I’m committing myself to acting as if I were still swimming competitively and didn’t matter whatsoever how tired you were, you HAD to swim.

This MIGHT be me soon

So what’s the matter if I’m a bit tuckered out during the weekday?  So what if I CAN sleep for 12 hours on the weekend.  I don’t need to at all and I know my body will thank me for it.  I’ve never been in worse shape, I’m honestly in the worst shape I’ve ever been in my whole life so I’m making a promise to myself to change that!  I actually went for a run tonight as a first step to being in shape again.

So anyway.  In other news!  I’m still working away at the mill.  Starting to really get some ground under my feet and am working on a couple of projects!  So hopefully things will only keep getting better.  I’m a really great worker, but sometimes when my superiors don’t explain to me just what needs to get done and assume I know how a paper mill works.. I end up being pretty confused and don’t know what the first step is.  BUT like I said it’s getting better and I’m working on a couple of projects, some of which I’ve spear headed on my own so I’m pretty proud of that.

In some other good news Jeff and I have been dedicated to the “only Canadian products” grocery shopping plan and it’s awesome.  We’ve started buying some veggies and fruits we don’t normally buy just because they’re from Canada.  Last time I told you about the garlic scapes that we bought accidentally that turned out to be really really damn good.  Well last trip to the grocery store Jeff came home with Bok Choy (from Ontario!).  We’ve been experimenting in trying to cook them in some delicious way but they seem to be pretty simple.  Relatively bland but really versatile.  You can kind of do anything with Bok Choy.

Moving on, I worked over the weekend for someone else at the mill.  I actually volunteered!  How about that?
So I was doing a job that’s not at all like my daily job but is part of a routine schedule through the year.  I have to do a couple of weekends through the year but in exchange for the more or less two half days the weekend requires you take a ‘comp’ day off the next Friday (typically, but you can take it whenever).  SO this is all leading up to my most exciting bit of news; I’m going home this weekend for 10 days!!!
I’m taking Friday off, and the whole next week.  I can’t wait.  Going camping with my dad and brothers, and then again with my friends (I think, plans are still in the making), and I’m hoping/assuming I’m going to drink my body weight’s worth of wine.

I hope you’re all well!

Thanks for reading

Gone Too Far

25 08 2011

I really thought I was going to get better at keeping you all updated.. many apologies.

Don’t tell anyone, but I usually write my blogs at work, but the past while I’ve been super busy basically refurbishing our entire lab. We had to sort through every chemical and decide whether or not we still needed or not and/or if it was expired. Then we scrubbed and swept and organized everything else. At first everyone was helping, but that last about a day. Then it was virtually all me. I’m SO tired of chemicals. I just finished organizing and alphabetizing our dry chemical cabinet and there are 320 some chemicals in there alone. Eff.
So no blog writing at work for me unfortunately.

My slight OCD might have had me secretly enjoying this

It’s been 9 days since I last posted and I MIGHT struggle to remember everything that happened since then. But one thing that comes to my mind pretty quickly is that it was my birthday! I turned 22 on Sunday and had a really great weekend celebrating it! Jeff and I decided to make the weekend a little more ‘us’ focused and slightly romantic since it was my birthday but also because it was Jeff’s last weekend in Fredericton. So Friday we just hung out at home, cleaned up a bit, watched some of our favourite shows, played some games etc. It was relaxed and very necessary after our long week of work.

Saturday we had an upbeat date and the two of us had some drinks and went out! What wasn’t so unfortunate at the time but what turned out to be unfortunate was the amount of alcohol that we decided to consume. We drank everything.
We each had a bottle of wine at home before we went out and split a 6 pack. Then when we got to the bar we had a great time dancing but also had about 5 more drinks of hard liquor at the bar. We met some friends there and went back to their place and they gave us another beer.
We drank too much. I knew we were drinking too much the whole time. Where was my discipline?

Consequently, Sunday was spent trying to heal. I was a wreck. I had to make myself sick in the morning in an attempt to feel better, my head was pounding… not fun at all. So my actual “birthday” was a bit of a write off but I had so much fun Saturday night that it really wasn’t an issue 🙂 Plus it was nice to just lay in bed with Jeff taking care of me.

Monday night a couple friends came to East Side’s for apps and drinks for a modest celebration. The apps were delicious as always and I got some really sweet gifts! If any of you gift givers are reading, I really appreciate your thought! I was smiling all night. However, please note that gifts are not and never will be expected! I’m not huge on birthday attention so if in the future you’re unsure about getting me a gift, you really don’t have to worry about it 🙂

A few other quick mentions of goings-on over the past week, Jeff and I spent one of the nicer afternoons after work at the park! We just brought some snacks, our books, and the iPod+speaker and read in the sun. We also MAY have played a sailor moon drinking game one night too. HILARIOUS. Leave a comment if you’d like me to explain the rules.

We had a skype date with Serena! She’s in Ireland.. err.. was in Ireland, she’s in England again now but she’s coming back to Freddy this weekend! I won’t be seeing her until the 15th though, which really is too bad but I’ll be in Ontario until then.

I also got a haircut!

I think that might be all… I hope you all had a good week!

In Perfect Time

12 08 2011

It has been SO long since I’ve updated. Sorry everyone, hope you’ve all had a good three weeks!

I’ll have to try to remember what’s happened and share the important stuff.. maybe do it in point form like I’ve praised Brittney for.

  • The first thing that pops into my head is Harry Potter!

    Our friends Tom and Callen came up for the weekend when it came out and it was a wonderful weekend indeed! Tom blogged about it here too! We went out for dinner then went to the theatre around 7:30 thinking that we’d be plenty early… we weren’t. There was a huge line already so we got into it hoping our seats wouldn’t suck. We did end up sitting in the front row, but no matter, the movie was great and we went to see it again the next week! My only criticisms would be that the action scenes weren’t really as big as I think they should have/could have been and that they focused too much on just “Harry” rather than what everyone else was doing too. I really liked it though, I thought it was a great ending to a great series 🙂
  • I went home to PEI 3 times in the three weeks… the first time just for a night because Jeff had to do a test for work again because his results had expired from the process taking so long. Then home again for the long weekend we got for New Brunswick day, and then again for a wake and a funeral. Lots of driving, some fun reasons, some not so much.
  • I got pretty sick after the second trip home. We got back to Fredericton with me feeling sneezy and gross, but when I woke up I felt AWFUL. I ended up being home from work for 3 days before I felt better. Sidestory that I won’t get into, I got into a HUGE amount of unnecessary trouble for being sick. Unnecessary because I got in trouble for something I hadn’t been made aware of prior, and especially because I had been trying to be a good person and it totally backfired. Work has turned into a big turd recently.
  • Speaking of work, things may be a bit better soon; I’ll be doing some new sort of work in the coming days because I finished the project I was working on before. A new masters student started working and he speaks English! Quite a commodity around here.

I’ve seen a few movies since my last post too!

Source Code: I liked this one! It was a bit predictable, and the ending could have used a bit more explanation, but I still liked it.

Yes Man: Not awful.. I really like Zooey Deschanel and I think she may have saved the movie for me. It was funny, but I didn’t roar.

Cowboys and Aliens: I really liked this one! It was also pretty “basic”, had all the classic themes of guns and explosions and whatnot. But I liked the aliens, the story, the acting, etc. Good movie. The only downside that Jeff and I had a discussion about was the somewhat awkward subplots/sidestories/moral lessons etc. like the father-son relationship, the race thing between the white man and the native chief.. but I actually enjoyed the movie a lot.

Horrible Bosses: HILARIOUS.

We also watched Aladdin when we were home the third time, but you all know what that ones about hahahah

What else happened in my life? Jeff and I did TreeGo! One of his friends had a group going and asked if we wanted to join. It was so much fun! I think I might have felt a little “too” safe though.. wasn’t as adrenaline pumping as I had hoped, but still a great time. We ended up at the head of our group but got tied up near the end because some other groups were going slowly so we just chilled in the tree tops and chatted, it was pretty awesome actually.

Lastly, today at worked I had to clean this fridge:


That’s good enough for now I think. I’ll write again soon, and hopefully be a little better at staying on top of it!

Stuck for the Summer

6 07 2011

I’ve actually had a few people ask me why I haven’t updated in a while!  That was a bit of a surprise, but I really appreciate the enthusiastic readers! 🙂

Just a heads up, my regular life is MUCH more boring than the life I lived in Australia hahaha, so be prepared for a mediocre post.

I realized that I haven’t really told you guys what my current situation is in depth!  So in short, I’m living with one of my good friends Sunny and my boyfriend Jeff in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Sunny and I ready for St. Patrick’s Day

I work at the Limerick Pulp and Paper Research Center here on campus for one of my professors.  I was originally supposed to work with one of the masters students working there helping him with his work, but he didn’t really NEED me so I’m helping with work that has to be done for clients instead.  It’s pretty repetitive, but it’s busy so the days go by quickly!  I just wish I got to be outside for nice days like when I lifeguarded rather than inside playing with wood pulp.  Guh.

Last weekend was so awesome; Jeff and I went back to PEI for Canada Day weekend.  I tried to get my work done as fast as I could so that we could leave as early as possible (Jeff luckily had been given most of the day off!).  We jumped in the car Thursday afternoon and trecked to PEI.  In short, the line up of events was going to the drive-in with Callen and Tom, fireworks, camping, and the beach.

Tom and Callen (sorry bout the drink picture Callen)

Kung-Fu Panda 2, Transformers 3, and Super 8 were playing.  We watched the first two and all four of us agreed that Kung-Fu Panda was better than Transformers.. that movie SUCKED.  Don’t watch it.  After Transformers was over it was 2 in the morning and we were all pretty discouraged from the level of shittiness so we left before Super 8 came on.  Soooo can’t tell you if that was good or not!
Friday was Canada Day!  We went to Tea Hill Beach (Park?) to help out and volunteer with the events going on there, then came back in town to meet up with some of my friends to have some drinks before going to watch the fireworks.  They were really nice and the group was pretty great :).

Canada Day!

Other Brian looks pretty squinty, Jeff’s a bit sunburnt, my eyes are red, Claire’s Blurry… but whatevs.  It was fun.
Saturday came next (it’s after Friday, then Sunday comes afterwards) and we went camping with my dad and the dog!


It was actually SUPER fun.  My dad used to take me and brothers camping a lot when we were younger and we’ve tried to keep it up as much as we can.  We go camping camping too, not that campground in a RV type camping.  We pack a tent, some food, little stove, cooler, etc. and a canoe.  We go out to the middle of nowhere, canoe up a river, and set up camp in a clearing.  It was amazing.

Sunday we came back a little worse for wear in the way of mosquito bites, a lot sweaty but very happy.  When we got back home it was beautiful out so we unloaded all of the camping stuff, let Zeke run to the basement to cool off, and Jeff and I packed up our beach stuff!  We were only there for about an hour but we had to go before we went back to Fredericton, it wasn’t an option.  So all in all, a pretty freakin good Island weekend I think!  Drive-in, Fireworks, Camping, and the Beach!

Canada Day Fireworks

(Sorry Shayna, I stole that picture from you)

The week went on as usual after that, work Monday, Tuesday, and today.  We went to the grocery store yesterday and spent a small fortune on food.. mostly for Air Miles deals..  but we won’t have to go back for awhile I think!

Hope you all had a wonderful Canada Day and week so far!