Red Red Wine

15 07 2012

This is going to be a quick post.

I had written out a good, full bodied post a week ago, but I accidentally closed the browser and lost it. wahh.
I might make this post almost point form…

I’m drunk right now.  Point one.  Coincidentally when I typed point it  got ‘typo’d’ into pinot.  There must be a message, even though I’m drinking red wine.

Currently I’m listening to Aladdin music while finishing off my bottle of red.  I think I MIGHT be the typical gay.

Tonight Jeff and I have been playing skyrim.  We’ve taken the night ‘off’ because we had a busy day 🙂

Lately we’ve been buying local stuff from the market that happens to be across the street from our apartment and today we bought some strawberries, a bottle of local wine, and what we thought were beans.
Tonight for supper I made rice with mushrooms, onion, and red pepper, intending to make it a side to “chicken” and the assumed beans but when I took the beans out of the bag we bought them in.. I realised they weren’t beans at all.
They were long, curled up, and had thicker bits at the end.  Not beans.

This was a concern for a bit, thinking that maybe they weren’t edible, or that we were cooking a vegetable that was supposed to be raw, or cooked slowly or something.  I braved this bold new plant and took a bite of our quickly cooked (boiled) green string-like vegetable.  Turns out they were garlic scapes, and not beans at all!
If you’re ever able to pick up some garlic scapes, or garlic tops, DO IT.  They’re so delicious!  It was like, sweeter, garlic-flavoured beans. I cut them up and mixed them into the rice+veggies mix I had made, and added the fake chicken strips into the mix as well to make an amazing stir fry.  Fucking tasty.

(Not a pretty photo)

Since then I’ve bought the Bethesda package from the Steam summer sale and now have three video games to play on my computer.  Jeff and I had been sharing his computer to play skyrim but I bought it for my own computer (along with two other games in the ‘collection’ I bought) so I’ll be able to entertain myself when he moves to Halifax for school.

I can’t really be bothered to type out more.. maybe tomorrow?

Thanks for keeping up with my blog all, I really do appreciate it.  I’ll be more informative tomorrow.