Bad Romance

1 08 2012

I’m allergic to cats.

I’ve been living with this allergy my whole life, despite my attempts to “expose” myself to cats to maybe develop a tolerance or something.  So naturally I’ve been dealing with being around cats by getting stuffed up, having my eyes water, and sneezing uncontrollably afterwards for years.

You’d think that’d be enough to make me decide to stay away from them!  You’d think..
Lately however, I’ve been having a very strong desire to have an animal in the apartment.  Jeff and I would never get a dog since we live in an apartment and making a dog live in such a small space is just cruel.  I’ve thought about lizards or something but I  just don’t know enough about their care, plus they’re just not quite as loving.  So I keep finding myself going back to the idea of a cat.

Somewhere in my mind I see myself finding a hypo-allergic breed that I can adopt from a shelter and we’ll live a happy life together.  But that probably won’t happen.  I’ve also developed a hatred of cats.. but the more I think about it I think it might mostly be from the allergy.  I DO however have an issue with cats being one of the very few species that hunt just for fun.  They kill because they can.. so that kind of sucks.

😐 Right?

Also they treat their owners like inferiors and that we OWE them food and attention for how ‘perfect’ they are.  Eff that cat!  You’re a cat!  Get over yourself and go poop in the box I’ve bought for you, you piece of crap.

Still!  With all of these emotions.. my longing to have a pet is stronger and I still want a cat (even if only because we can’t have a dog.  And no one had better say that we should just get a small dog; they’re just not worth it!  Why have a dog if it can’t wrestle back, actually cuddle up next to you, or be friendly with visitors rather than just yippy and afraid).

This is all leading to my trip to the humane society today.  I took my brother because he was feeling a little down, his best friend moved across the country today, so send him some positive thoughts.  I didn’t go looking to actually adopt a cat, but the feeling just won’t go away.  I want a pet so badly!  What do I do?  There are two kittens there that I think are friends and they both loved me too and they were really cute and purred all the time.. they were playful and not all squinty-eyed and mean like some can be.  I want them.

The problem?  I fell in love with these kittens, but as soon as I had decided it was time to go back home I was already stuffed up and snotty.  Blerg.  I don’t really like the idea of taking allergy medication everyday.. so what’s a good way to approach this issue?  Your thoughts and suggestions are very welcome!

Thanks for reading!