After the Gold Rush

18 10 2011

I suck.

It has been SO long.

My only excuse is having a blast and loving my vacation.

So last time I posted I was on my way to Forest to meet Jeff’s family, having stopped at Niagara Falls.  I’ll now try to sum up the past month quickly, for your sake!

I already told you about getting to his parents’ house and meeting his mom right away.  She gave me a hug right off the bat after I extended my hand.  She shook it but then said I’m gonna give you a hug and pulled me in.  I’ll spare you the detailed breakdown of the weeks I spent in Ontario just because there were a lot of days elapsed.  Long story short is that everything went really well and his parents (seemed to) like me!  Jeff’s nephew also now owns my heart.

Apple picking with the little man

One thing I SHOULD tell you all about is Cedar Point Park!  Jeff, his mom, and I went there soon after arriving in Forest and spent two days.  The park is in Ohio, so I won’t be surprised if you’ve never heard of it, I hadn’t either.  When Jeff told me about it he was singing the park’s praises, so I looked it up and found out that it’s been rated the best amusement park in the world for the past 13 years!

We spent the entire first day on roller coasters.  No filler rides or taking breaks in between!  Just roller coasters.  Amazing.
The second day Jeff’s mom didn’t come with us but Jeff and I went back and spent about half of the day in the water park attached and then went back and rode some of our favourite rides again.

A vital note is also my realization of just how addicted I am to garlic fingers.. ordering a pizza to our hotel room in New York and then again in Ohio without garlic fingers was so WEIRD and wrong.  Dear The rest of the world, get garlic fingers.  Sincerely, people who are doing it right.

My kryptonite

Some other highlights of my trip through Ontario included visiting friends in Toronto overnight and then more friends in London!  It was really great to see some old friends again and some friends that I didn’t expect to get to see again anytime relatively soon.  I was very happy!
P.s. this is the view (no zoom) from my friends’ balcony in Toronto!!

The only editing I did was adding a filter with Instagram!

On our way back from Toronto we stopped in London to see another friend of mine I used to proctor with.  When I said goodbye to him last April I didn’t think I was going to get to see him again and it made me pretty upset.  Thankfully I was able to see him again and I really hope it happens again!  This is the beautiful view from his apartment in London!  So pretty.

I wish I saw this every time I looked out my window

On the way back home we stopped overnight in Québec City so that we didn’t have to drive for 16 hours straight.  If you haven’t been to that city, GO.  It is SO pretty and the architecture is amazing.  We also expected to be the victims of cold shoulders and disgruntled Quebecois because we aren’t french, but everyone we talked to either spoke English well or didn’t care at all!  It was a really great pit stop and I suggest you spend some time there if you can!

Chateau Frontenac

Inside the Chateau, taken from… the 20th floor I think?

I’d like to live here for sure

Now, I’m back in Fredericton and after some plan changes so is Jeff!  No more goodbyes 🙂
Life is really good right now and I can’t stop smiling.  Everything’s going well and I feel like it’s a bit undeserved and I’m waiting for something to go wrong.. but here’s hoping that doesn’t happen!




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18 10 2011
"Our traveling without moving!..."

Lovely photos!

18 10 2011

Thank you!

18 10 2011

I’m so glad you’re back and happier than ever 🙂
And I’m jealous of your no more goodbyes!

18 10 2011

Thanks Brit 🙂
I have a lot of catching up to do blog-wise, your posts included!

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