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3 09 2011

I actually have an excuse as to why I haven’t updated in so long this time!

Jeff and I had to pack our lives up and move out of our apartment in Fredericton.  What complicated this whole process?  We had to be out of our subletted apartment on August 25th but I wasn’t allowed to move into my apartment for the next year until September 1st… whaddup homeless?!  So I called the landlord and got a bit of an extension and we were allowed to stay until the 27th or August but we were still in a bit of a pickle as to what to do with our stuff.

Jeff had always planned on packing his stuff up permanently to take home with him since he’s going away for those six months of training but we still had to put my stuff somewhere.. including a bed..
Thankfully my roommate Sunny has a most wonderful girlfriend Shannon who offered her apartment  for us to store our stuff including our bed in an extra bedroom.
Things have a way of working out sometimes don’t they!?

So HANYWAYS.  We packed our apartment up, took our belongings to Shannon’s house, slept in her spare room for the night, and then headed to Ontario Saturday morning.

Not bad packing considering we’re gone for three weeks!

Our original plan was to drive all the way to Niagara Falls on Saturday, 14+ hours of driving, stopping for some food and to switch drivers.  It turned out to be quite a trek though so we stopped in a city called Oriskany just outside of Utica, New York to sleep.  On the drive out I remembered talking to my cousin about stopping at her place while we were on the road because she hadn’t met Jeff yet, so we ended up making two overnight stops on the journey rather than driving the whole way in one go as we had planned.  That turned out to be a much better idea.  We were better rested, not cranky, not sore from sitting in the car, and well fed!

So after stopping in NY, and just before stopping in Burlington, we actually went to Niagara Falls!  It was so beautiful.  Lots of tourists obviously, and there are lots of tourist traps, but the falls themselves were awesome.  Jeff asked if I wanted to do the maid of the mist because he’s been on it before, and I told him I didn’t really care.  I thought it’d be nice, but wouldn’t be disappointed if we didn’t.. I decided that if it was more than 30 dollars I wouldn’t do it, but otherwise we would.  Turns out it only costs $16.50!  Ridiculous right?  So of course we did it.

Not bad for iPhone pictures eh?

Sexy Ponchos

Totally worth it.  The feeling and sound of being right in the middle of the falls is amazing.  It’s loud but quiet, it’s scary but calm… loved it.  If you’re in Niagara and debating whether or not to ride the Maid, then definitely give it a shot.  You’ll not regret it.  We also ate at the Rainforest Cafe in Niagara.  Pretty neat set up!  A little more geared towards kids, but it was more fun than subway!

Rainforest Cafe

Might be a bit dark… this is how it looks inside

**Sidenote, when we left Burlington to head to Forrest we stopped at Ikea too; I’d never been to one before!

First Time!

When we did finally get to Jeff’s parents’ house in Ontario, we spent two nights here before going back to the states again!  Lord have I had enough of the US of A.  It is the WORST.  So much obesity, stupidity, and SO much about God and Jesus from people who don’t even understand the religion and the history.  GUHHHHH.  If nothing else being there completely reaffirmed my devotion to atheism.


On a lighter note, we went to Cedar Point Park in Ohio, rated the world’s best amusement park for the past 13 years!  I know!  I hadn’t even heard of it either!  How can it be the world’s best if no one knows it exists right?  After having spent two days there however, I can confirm that it IS the best.  I had an AMAZING time there.

We left Ohio, did a little shopping in the states, bought some beer at the duty free of course, and came back to Forrest.

Since being in Forrest for this small amount of time we’ve played it pretty low-key.  I met a lot of Jeff’s family, fell in love with his nephew (he’s 2), and caught up on our sleep.  We have some plans to see some of his old friends and some of my friends in London/Toronto in the coming couple of weeks.. but I’m excited for being able to take it easy for a little while; I haven’t had a vacation in a long time.




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4 09 2011

Road trips are the best! I agree, small town US is awful! But since getting home I’ve noticed that SJ has soo many obese people…and everyone dresses like its 1992.

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