Yoü and I

16 08 2011

The visit with Courtney and Kyle last night was a great success!  Jeff and I had some supper then took a nap after work and waited for the two of them to come over.  They got to the apartment around 7:30 and the four of us went down to the Garrison to meet up with the group around 8:45.

I had originally thought it was going to be a triple date.. three couples, three You and I’s, but there were about 16 of us and it was great :). We all had some drink(s) and apps (or desserts).  It was first time ordering food at the Garrison and I was not let down that’s for sure.   Jeff and I split the Firecracker Havarti and some Sweet Potato Fries.  The Havarti was unbelievable; chunks of what seemed to be spicy (maybe jalapeno?) Havarti wrapped in a pastry sort of thing and served warm with a sweet chili ranch sauce.  Delicious.  The sweet potato fries were also delicious, how could they not be right?  They’re sweet potato fries.  But they were some of the best sweet potato fries I’ve had a in long time.

Last night was also my first time having a Hoegaarden beer!  It was really really good if any of you haven’t had it.  It’s a light beer, served with an orange slice, and has a really nice citrus taste with a bit of an unknown spice thrown in there too.  I recommend it!

I was going to combine this post with a post about my trip to Sydney like I said, but I decided to make them two separate posts just for the sake of being able to categorize them.  Thanks for reading!

OH!  And just because, here’s the new Gaga video!  I really like it, but I’m not sure I understand what’s going on/the ‘story’.  Regardless.. she’s sexy and it works for me!




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