15 08 2011

Last night I sprung an impromptu date on Jeff; I had been texting Tom through the evening and then he said that he was going to the movies with Callen to see “The Help”.  I told him I was jealous cause Jeff and I had talked about wanting to see it when we saw the trailer on Apple awhile back and then more when the previews for it came on before other movies.

Amazing Movie

So ANYWAY!  Tom and Callen said they were going to see it last night and I turned to Jeff at 9:35 and said “Wanna go to a movie?”.  The last showing started at 9:45.  Thank Darwin he made a quick decision to say yes because we were up from the couch and in the car in about 16.9 seconds.  I bought the tickets online while he drove to the theatre and we made it in time to get popcorn and see the previews!!  (We both love the previews, do you guys?)

If any of you aren’t sure if you want to see The Help or think you don’t want to at all, change your mind!  It was AMAZING.  Probably the best movie I’ve seen in years.  I loved it.  It was funny, sad, serious, laughable, cute, frustrating… everything.  I’m definitely buying it.  And watching it weekly.

Tonight my friends Kyle and Courtney are coming to Fredericton on their way to Florida (I think) for the night!  They’re also friends with Sunny so I think they’re staying in Sunny’s room while they’re here.  We’re all going out for drinks and apps tonight and I’m pretty excited!  Triple date with me and Jeff, Sunny and Shannon, and Kyle and Courtney?  I can see it being a lot of fun.




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16 08 2011
Yoü and I « Pterodactyls And Veggies

[…] The visit with Courtney and Kyle last night was a great success!  Jeff and I had some supper then took a nap after work and waited for the two of them to come over.  They got to the apartment around 7:30 and the four of us went down to the Garrison to meet up with the group around 8:45. […]

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