14 08 2011

Hey look!  An update one day after the last!

Friday, my good friend Maja came over to the apartment to make pizza and watch a movie.  I was actually so happy to have a low-key evening especially with two wonderful people like Maja and Jeff.  We made this pizza:

Delicious Pizza

and after we ate it we watched The Blindside.  I was SO impressed with Sandra Bullock’s performance.  She played a southern christian football mom, but she had many facets to her personality and she pulled it all off so well!  She was intense, compassionate, hard, soft, funny, all at the same time.  It also had a great story and was based on real events!  I really suggest watching it if you haven’t already (I know I’m behind on this one).

Yesterday Jeff, Sunny, Shannon (Sunny’s gf) and I went to Magic Mountain for the day.  It was so so much fun.  Sunny and Shannon had coupons for a buy one get one free entry to the park so we spent the day going down water slides and getting some sun.  You have no idea how happy it made me to be able to get out into the sun again…

Magic Mountain

After Magic Mountain we stopped at the Taj Majal in Moncton for supper.  I think we had some of the best indian food I have ever eaten there.   I will say that the Malai Kofta from the Curry House is better than that from the Taj Majal, but otherwise… I think the TM wins!

Amazing. Indian. Food.

Jeff and I had many a discussion about the TATTOOS IN MONCTON!  The amount of DOUCHEBAGS with DOUCHEY tattoos at Magic Mountain was out of freakin control!
I should’ve taken pictures but I left my phone in the car when we were in the park.


Also, there  are two new slides there and they’re FUN.  They’re both short rides, but one’s a very fast, enclosed tube waterslide that is actually pretty scary, but ends with huge smiles.  The other is pretty much a straight down fall, again not a long slide, but the big deal is that you start the slide by standing on a trapdoor!  You get into a capsule thing and the attendant will either count you down or give you a ‘surprise’ and release the trapdoor and you literally fall onto the straight down slide underneath you.  Lots of fun.
Slight unfortunate sidenote?  Jeff and I may have gotten burnt a little bit.

Now I’m watching football.  I know.  My first full game of football but I’m trying very hard to get into it.  Jeff happens to be a big football fan because his family grew up watching everything sports and went to football games often.  So I’m trying to get into his interests a little more just so that we can be a LITTLE more like the same person.
I’m actually enjoying it so far.. but there’s a lot about the game and professional sports in general that gets on my nerves.. I’ll blog about that soon I promise, and your thoughts/comments are very welcome.
We watched the Dallas Cowboys beat the Denver Broncos and now we’re watching the Chicago Bears and the Buffalo Bills play… I MAY have read the wikipedia article on “American Football” in order to not be completely in the dark when watching.  Yep.  I’m a loser.

Hope you all had a really great weekend!  I hope I get to update again tomorrow.  Thanks for reading!




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