In Perfect Time

12 08 2011

It has been SO long since I’ve updated. Sorry everyone, hope you’ve all had a good three weeks!

I’ll have to try to remember what’s happened and share the important stuff.. maybe do it in point form like I’ve praised Brittney for.

  • The first thing that pops into my head is Harry Potter!

    Our friends Tom and Callen came up for the weekend when it came out and it was a wonderful weekend indeed! Tom blogged about it here too! We went out for dinner then went to the theatre around 7:30 thinking that we’d be plenty early… we weren’t. There was a huge line already so we got into it hoping our seats wouldn’t suck. We did end up sitting in the front row, but no matter, the movie was great and we went to see it again the next week! My only criticisms would be that the action scenes weren’t really as big as I think they should have/could have been and that they focused too much on just “Harry” rather than what everyone else was doing too. I really liked it though, I thought it was a great ending to a great series 🙂
  • I went home to PEI 3 times in the three weeks… the first time just for a night because Jeff had to do a test for work again because his results had expired from the process taking so long. Then home again for the long weekend we got for New Brunswick day, and then again for a wake and a funeral. Lots of driving, some fun reasons, some not so much.
  • I got pretty sick after the second trip home. We got back to Fredericton with me feeling sneezy and gross, but when I woke up I felt AWFUL. I ended up being home from work for 3 days before I felt better. Sidestory that I won’t get into, I got into a HUGE amount of unnecessary trouble for being sick. Unnecessary because I got in trouble for something I hadn’t been made aware of prior, and especially because I had been trying to be a good person and it totally backfired. Work has turned into a big turd recently.
  • Speaking of work, things may be a bit better soon; I’ll be doing some new sort of work in the coming days because I finished the project I was working on before. A new masters student started working and he speaks English! Quite a commodity around here.

I’ve seen a few movies since my last post too!

Source Code: I liked this one! It was a bit predictable, and the ending could have used a bit more explanation, but I still liked it.

Yes Man: Not awful.. I really like Zooey Deschanel and I think she may have saved the movie for me. It was funny, but I didn’t roar.

Cowboys and Aliens: I really liked this one! It was also pretty “basic”, had all the classic themes of guns and explosions and whatnot. But I liked the aliens, the story, the acting, etc. Good movie. The only downside that Jeff and I had a discussion about was the somewhat awkward subplots/sidestories/moral lessons etc. like the father-son relationship, the race thing between the white man and the native chief.. but I actually enjoyed the movie a lot.

Horrible Bosses: HILARIOUS.

We also watched Aladdin when we were home the third time, but you all know what that ones about hahahah

What else happened in my life? Jeff and I did TreeGo! One of his friends had a group going and asked if we wanted to join. It was so much fun! I think I might have felt a little “too” safe though.. wasn’t as adrenaline pumping as I had hoped, but still a great time. We ended up at the head of our group but got tied up near the end because some other groups were going slowly so we just chilled in the tree tops and chatted, it was pretty awesome actually.

Lastly, today at worked I had to clean this fridge:


That’s good enough for now I think. I’ll write again soon, and hopefully be a little better at staying on top of it!




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13 08 2011

I just puked a little bit when I saw that fridge…Isn’t being a student a blast??

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