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21 07 2011

A very quick update, just thought I’d talk a few things up!
Apps. I don’t have many yet, but some of my favorites so far are naturally the twitter and Facebook apps, skype, this wordpress app I’m using now, and angry birds. I hope none of those need explanation…

Other than those, I’ve become a big fan of some other apps like SkyView where you can point your phone in any direction and it’ll show you the stars, planets, constellations and space stations in the sky in that area (I’m a nerd I know).

I’ve become addicted to a game called Pocket Frogs too, it’s very simply a game about breeding frogs, making them grow, and whatnot. There are rewards and goals and certain “sets” of frogs to get so there are things to work towards and I can’t stop playing.

ShopSavvy let’s you scan barcodes when you’re shopping and it’ll tell you if you can get it cheaper somewhere else.

HelloVino is an app for wine drinkers that tells you what kind of wine goes best with what food, taste, preference, region etc. you’re interested in.

Bump gives you a fast and really easy way to share apps, contacts, and photos.

Tiger Text let’s you have group text conversations.

Waterlogged helps you (easily) keep track of how much water you’ve drank that day.

Kobo is just like the actual gadget where you can read books on your iPhone (free books!!).

PENGUINS! Adorable. The California academy of science has an app where you can switch between three cameras and watch the penguins in their penguin enclosure. It CAN be boring, but mostly it’s cute.

SoundHound will tell you all you need to know about that song that’s playing but you don’t know the name of.

SkyBurger is a simple game where you catch falling toppings in order to make he right burger, actually super fun.

Instagram is for all you people who like taking pictures. I adds nice looking filters to the pictures you take and you can upload them to twitter, Facebook, etc. It also has it’s own feed so you can see the photos taken by your friends.

Finally there’s CamScanner, an app that I don’t use much in he summer time but will be SO useful during the school year. It turns the pictures you take into PDF files so you can email, print, blah blah much easier. Cool eh?




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