Here Comes the Sun

22 06 2011

The second trip I went on was with the same company that did the Penguin Parade tour that I mentioned here.  This tour however was of the Great Ocean Road!

The Great Ocean Road

I approached this tour with a bit more wariness than I did the first as far as meeting friends go.  I was glad to have met Coraline and Kelly last time, but wasn’t going into this tour expecting to meet friends like I did before… this turned out to be a good idea since there weren’t any people on this tour that seemed keen to become friends either.  There were a lot more people on this tour, but still lots of couples or old people.

Our first stop was Bell’s Beach, a surf haven.  I took a few pictures but there’s not much more I can say about it.  It was beautiful though!

Bell’s Beach

Bell’s Beach

Bell’s Beach

I climbed onto the bus and sat down by myself, only to be joined shortly thereafter by a very large man.  Not that I was irritated or uncomfortable by the fact that he was large.. it was just that he was very hot.. and sweaty.. and took up a lot of my own space on those oh-so-small bus seats..
To make matters worse was the fact that our bus’ air conditioning broke down.  It was 37 degrees that day (99 Fahrenheit for you Yankees).   Needless to say there was a lot of sweat, discomfort, and irritable people.  The bus driver made several calls to their dispatch for another bus but they basically said, unless we stay there and wait for hours the bus wasn’t going to be able to catch up to us.  So the driver gave us the choice, we voted to either stay put and wait or to take a few quick stops along the way to jump in the ocean and cool off outside (because yes, the 37 degree weather outside was cooler than the bus).  We opted to continue the tour and jump in the ocean.

I’m sure there are lots of things I could be recounting like the beautiful scenery, when the man beside me farted, contemplating my decision to come to Australia alone in the first place etc., but all I can really remember after deciding to keep on truckin and bearing the heat, was making one of our stops to cool off, strolling through the trees a bit and finding a koala in a tree, which is where this picture happened:

Koala in the wild!

The important thing about this picture is that Tanja took it!  Tanja and Tanja were the two girls that I met on this trip and became good friends with, yes they’re both named Tanja, and yes they’re both from Croatian.  They’re from Winnipeg and we first started to chat when doing the usual “Hi, where are you from etc.” and we found out that we’re all from Canada!

And now I had two friends again.

We stopped at another little town to go to the beach to cool off for 15 minutes, when we were there the three of us were swimming and they mentioned their plans to go to Sydney the next day and asked me what I was doing.. and for the first time in my life I said “I have no plans” and meant it very literally.  I went home that night and booked a ticket to Sydney!
More about Sydney later.
The trip continued and we saw all there is to see along the Great Ocean Road, check out the link above for a few more details on what those things are.  I took a helicopter ride around the Twelve Apostles, saw London Bridge and the Loch Ard Gorge (I’m not sure of the sequence) and I’m pretty sure we walked around a park…  Anyway, here are a few pictures:

Twelve Apostles

More of the Twelve Apostles (not in the helicopter this time)

(I hope I’m right that this is) Loch Ard Gorge

Beach right along where the Twelve Apostles are

The Tanjas and I at London Bridge

So that was that, we went home at the end of the day exhausted, a little sunburnt, but this time with two more permanent friends who were going to continue being my friends when I went to Sydney.  I was a happy boy.




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16 08 2011
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