Hometown Glory

17 06 2011

I’ll get right back to Australia, but I just wanted to post a quick note about how disappointed I am in the Stanley Cup final in several ways.

Obviously the rioting in Vancouver was RIDICULOUS.  Completely uncalled for, embarrassing, and just plain stupid.  I’ve read some quotes and articles online since the whole incident and several people have been saying things like “The Canucks were never Canada’s team, if the Leafs, the Habs, or even the Senators had been in the final and won then all of Canada would’ve been celebrating a Canadian victory, but the Canucks are Vancouver’s team, not really ‘Canada’s’ team; the riots after losing the game just proved it to the rest of the world”.
I couldn’t agree more.  Jeff also said that he doubts most of the rioters were hockey fans and just jerks who hopped on the ‘whole city party’ bandwagon when the Canucks were playing and found a good excuse to break shit when they lost.  I’m so ashamed of the behaviour in Vancouver, but there have been some good news stories that came of it too, like this woman who single handedly stopped a mob from looting a Holt Renfrew:

Good Samaritan

Click here for the story and/or if you can help identify her! http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/british-columbia/help-us-find-this-good-samaritan-from-vancouvers-riot/article2063837/

There have also been a lot of citizens stepping up and helping with the clean up and graffiti-ing apologies around the city which speaks more to the Canadian mentality as opposed to the stupid lame ass looting and rioting.

Real Canadians


I’m a Habs fan, but when they got beaten out of the running by the Bruins I switched to cheering on the Canucks.  I DO like the Canucks, but they were such a let down!  They had no drive, didn’t seem to really care about winning the cup, didn’t have any heart at all on the ice.  As much as I hate to say it, they didn’t deserve the cup, Boston worked hard for it.  So well done Bruins.. you’re still not my team though, sorry!




One response

17 06 2011

Hometown Glory is my Adele song of the week 🙂
Even Brendyn (HUGE Canucks fan) was skeptical to whether the Canucks deserved the cup or not. I’m just glad it’s all over!
I hope your summer is going swell!

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