14 06 2011

My first post about my trip to Australia!  I’ll make these relatively short and hopefully informative rather than a rambling reminiscing of memories none of you understand.

So to start off, I think I should explain quickly how I managed to get myself on my way to Melbourne in the first place.

The long and short of it, I applied through my school to go on exchange there for a semester after seeing posters around campus.  It was sort of something I did just in case you know?  Instead of just not applying.  I wasn’t expecting to go though, so I wasn’t setting myself up for disappointment.

Anyway!  There was an application process, I had to get two reference letters giving a personal and professional recommendation and fill out a couple forms and give them a transcript then it was kind of up to the international relations department from there.  They emailed me and said I was accepted to go to the University of Melbourne in Australia!  I had put down UMelb and another university (I think James Cook?) in Aus. as my top two choices and the third was in France.

University of Melbourne

After I was accepted, there was a LOT of red tape.  I had to get actually accepted to the university itself after UNB said ok (just because UNB said yes didn’t mean Melbourne said yes too); overseas health insurance (which was a DISASTER, I’ll explain that in a later post), get my student Visa, make sure my passport was updated, navigate UniMelb’s website to find courses I could take that would match UNB courses which was also a task and a half.  To sum up.. it was a HASSLE.

I hope it’s needless to say, but saying it anyway, the whole thing was well worth it.  I have so many great memories, a huge amount of nostalgia and warmth in my heart when I look at google maps or my pictures on facebook.  Anyway, after all of that crap was figured out, I was set to go to Australia January 20th of 2010.
Till next time!  Thanks for reading.




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