The Good Ol’ Hockey Game

14 06 2011

I know I said I was going to write about Australia, but before I get to that I’d like to let you all know how disappointed I am in the way the Canucks are playing tonight.

It’s game 6 of the series, could be the end; the Canucks could have the cup by the end of this game.  So you’d THINK they’d be playing hard and trying to bring the cup home… but nope.  They look like they’re napping on skates.  After the first period, it was 4 – nothing for the Bruins, no scoring in the second period, and now it’s 5-1 more than halfway through the third.  Absolutely ridiculous.

The good portion of this terrible hockey playing is where I went to watch it.  Jeff and I have made it sort of an accidental tradition to go watch the hockey games at East Side Marios here in Fredericton to score some half priced apps while we get mad at the Bruins.

One of the servers there  is so good to us and has a huge smile when we come in.  Her name’s Maria, which we only know because of her signing our receipts with a smile, and she knows what we want as soon as we walk in.  Takes us over to the bar side to the tables that look at the TV’s, asks if Jeff wants a pitcher of Coke and if I want a big beer.  I’ve actually recently decided to stop drinking, but that’s besides the point.  It just feels strangely nice to have a ‘friend’ when you go out to eat like that.  I suggest becoming a regular somewhere to anyone!

Update on the game:  There are 3 minutes left and it’s still 5-1 for the Bruins.  You let me down Canucks.. please play better when you’re home in Vancouver on Wednesday. 




One response

14 06 2011

Well…I Am sorry to hear about the game…I also take it this is not a good thing Canucks lost? ( I am sorry to ANYONE if you are a fan of either/or, I do not follow Hockey in one bit ) I do feel over all in sports Canada has to start to raise the bar a bit more for our Athletes…The energy that was generated for the Olympic Games should be applied to every sport competition Canada is involved in! (Summer/Winter/Para Olympics, International competitions etc)

Beside that small ramble I am pleased Maria made your evening more delightful then the hockey game did! Makes a World of difference when people are good at their jobs!

Hope everyone the best 🙂


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