Gimme Sympathy

13 06 2011

I honestly never thought I’d get into it.. and I’m still not sure if I will.  However, I’ll spare you with the typical “I’m new to this, this is my first post, what should I write about” nonsense and  just dive right in and see what happens.

I guess a bit of an intro to start?
Hi!  I’m Brian.  I love grammar, food, math and Lady Gaga.  Remember those things and you’re probably pretty close to being my friend already!  I’m living in Fredericton, New Brunswick with one of my best friends Sunny and my boyfriend Jeff.  I’m originally from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island and it’s the very best place to live.  That’s a fact.

Jeff (left) and Me



I think I’ve decided I’ll have a couple different themes for this blog, sort of whatever’s on my mind at the time, but I have a few ideas for things I want to write a few posts about.  The first I think might be Australia.

I went on exchange to Melbourne, Australia for the second semester of my third year of university, lived there from January of 2010 until the end of June 2010.  It was incredible and I left with many many memories.  I hope I can write about it and do the trip justice as well as perhaps convince some of you to make the trip down yourselves!

Australian Friends




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